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5,000 layers in one chicken house


Chicken cage with automatic drinking system.

Parameter Data

Cage type A-type, 3-tier, 5-door, 90birds/set.
Layout 28sets/row, 2rows/house, 56sets/house.
Size of the chicken house 60M * 7M * 2.5M.
Total capacity of one chicken house 90birds/set * 28sets/row * 2rows= 5,040birds/house.


1. Considering the feeding scale is 5,000 layers, we don't suggest you choose the automatic equipment, chicken cage only could satisfy your basic feeding.

2. Automatic drinking system is included, the water could drop once the chicken peck it.

3. 5,000 layers is not a big scale feeding, we don't want you to invest more at the beginning.

4. The height of the 3-tier chicken cage is 1.4M, which is convenient for you to do the feeding and collecting.

5. As for the ventilation system, you can have the chicken house of the semi-open type.


1. The price of the chicken cage is lower, which is not so difficult for you to start this project.
2. Natural ventilation system is good for the chicken health.
3. It could be placed in a 20Gp container, you know our chicken cage is composed of so many parts, cage mesh, cage supporting frame, trough, pipe, drinking nipple and others, which will not loss the accessory.

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