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Conveyor type manure removal system for chicken cage


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Conveyor Cleaner has complete function, simple operation, saving time and labor. It is the professional cage cleaning machine, using high wear resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-streching material, completely solve the poultry farming problems.


Working Principle:

Each layer of cages below equipped a conveyor belt, with 0.75KW motor. When the machine starts, the motor and the reducer drive the automatic roller working through the chain. The friction generated in the extrusion of the forced roller and automatic roller, drive the conveyor moving along the length direction of cage group. Chicken manure will be transported to one end, and then manure will be send to outside by transverse manure removing system and slant manure removing system.



1. PP board material, could be adapted to various working environment, long service life, strong toughness, corrosion resistance.

2. Used cycloidal two-speed reducer. Compact structure, smooth rotation and torque of the large, long life.

3. Special thickened scraper ensures long life of the manure cleaning machine. It is molded by the high-precision CNC machine, never deform.

4. The chicken manure will be automatically transferred to out of the coop. It can reduce the mutual infection, effectively prevent infectious diseases in chickens.

5. Achieved unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, time setting freely.


Full Data 

Conveyor raw materials: PP and PE

Thickness: 1.1mm / 1.2mm / 1.3mm / 1.4mm.

Color: white, orange red.

Note: We can customized according to customer's requirements.



Manure removal system for chicken cage

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