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Ladder type automatic feeding machine


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Ladder type automatic feeding machine consist of seven parts:

1. Component

This machine consist of frame,walking power output system, walking system, feed material power system, feed flow regulatory system and power distribution system.

Ladder type automatic feeding system are scientifically designed, reasonable structure, durable, easy to operate. Simply press the button to complete the feeding operation, saving labor, centralized control, easy to disease prevention and control, and to extend the chicken laying period, is the ideal equipment of green ecological farming.

2. Frame

The frame is made of high quality square steel with welding treatment. It is scientifically designed, reasonable structure with the feather of large carrying capacity and not easily deformed.

3. Walking power system

Walking power system adopts advanced vertical motor cycloidal reducer drive, accomplish non-lossy dirve, low failure rate, lone usage life, smooth operation, low noise and reduce noise influence on chicken, improve laying rate..

4. Walking system

The transmission system of the walking system adopt chain (chain wheel drive). The wheel adopt high quality cast iron with good quake-resistant and highly anti-corrosive. The guide rail adopt rectangular square steel that makes walking smooth, increase contact area to prevent skid, and save energy. I't can keep walking 12 meter per minute. 

5. Feed material power system

The machine adopts gear and variable speed motor as drive powder, Make adjusted for 15 - 75 r/min. It have feature of high adjusting sensitivity and strong bearing capacity, low noise and long life, easy operation etc.

6. Feed flow regulatory system 

The wheel is made of special mould pressing plastic parts, prevent damage of after foreign bodies fall into the other parts. Adjusting wheel can make every hopper have same feed flew. The adjusting range of Feed flow can be changed from 1.25kg per 12 meters to 5.85kg per 12 meters by adjusting Variable speed motor.

7. Power distribution system

The machine adopts GB electric appliance. It can save labor and easy to manager by making automatic walking and stop from the head of machine to the tail of machine.



The machine can transmit materials to the next equipment evenly and continuously, it can adjust the amount of materials, This machine can transmit block, granular and powdered materials from Storage bin to go the machine evenly and continuously, Suitable for the process of automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control.

The machine is reliable and long life,It can adjust the vibration force, can always change and control the flow convenient adjustment , stability, low noise, adjusting performance is good, no rush, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation, light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance , small consumption, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, save manpower such outstanding advantages.

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